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... If clicking on the frame to the left does nothing, THEN CLICK HERE INSTEAD to see the same video using different software, then click PLAY. (Please note that you will have to click multiple times in order to back out of the hosting site and return to this page.) is a web site whose purpose is to provide an alternative approach to learning a variety of different subjects, by making available in a formal context information that is and would otherwise be simply unobtainable anywhere else.

The topics include hard science in the form of practical descriptions of modern theoretical physics, the 'truest' physics there is, explained in a way that anyone who is adequately motivated to do so, can learn. Hard science, in the form of new approaches for considering them, leads, quite naturally and rather immediately, to other deeper explorations into the nature of physical reality.

Most naturally and very immediately, it leads straight to the topic of the psychology of living organisms. In turn, this leads to the social consequences of our individual human psychologies, which are best – and most safely – expressed in humor, adventure, and, of course, the fiction that emerges from each. is dedicated to educating as many people as it can in the understanding necessary for revealing the more elusive yet richer beauties that lie hidden in nature's ways. To this end, besides providing material describing nature and explaining science, provides instructional text for two very worthwhile human endeavors: slacklining (tightrope walking on a flat elastic nylon webbing line), and big wall rockclimbing. is dedicated to making some of the most dangerous sports safer, without removing the thrill.


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  Our lives can always be improved through the acquisition of a deeper understanding of nature, one based upon the truths that science has – often at very great living sacrifice – worked so very hard to realize, and, in large part by sheer good fortune alone, managed to discover. We honor the sacrifices and make use of science's outstanding fortune by learning about its achievements for ourselves, just as we demean that sacrifice, squandering science's hard work and good fortune, by choosing not to learn about them, when presented with such an easy opportunity for understanding. If we choose to learn, we learn what is, unquestionably, among the most significant of these achievements, namely the Theory of Relativity, the theory of space, time, and gravity, and the Theory of Quantum Mechanics, the theory of energy.

Together, these two theories constitute the most fundamental demonstrable descriptions of natural truth that humankind has ever had, descriptions of truth that have endured for a century now.
The chongonation web site provides the opportunity for anyone to learn these cornerstones of science's truth, conceptually, yet nonetheless most accurately. That is the web site's emphasis on science: accurate fundamentals, and not "conventional and traditional approximations, comparisons, and alagories" (i.e. not the standard approaches, like those utilized, universally, by public education systems). The chongonation site serves only the standard of accurate conceptual understanding.


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(conceptual physics) is, most of all, a web site dedicated to providing an overall alternative approach to learning. It does this in a way that might seem most unusual. It starts with theoretical physics, but told in a completely different way, than it is traditionally introduced. offers books that explain theoretical physics in a way that involves no math. The only prerequisite understanding that is required is that of perpendicular, and, that some infinities, (the uncountable ones) are bigger than other infinities. Understanding these two things, and extending these two ideas into geometry fundamentally no different than the one that we constantly observe all around us, we can begin to build a solid foundation upon which other information can be laid, and a standard by which inaccurate information can be discarded.

Though we might mistakenly consider the Theory of Quantum Mechanics or the Theory of Relativity to be no more than opinions, they are, in fact, the most accurate 'working' explanations of the two sides of nature – energy and gravity, respectively – that there are. No better explanation – that is one that 'works' better (i.e. more accurately) – exist. Using these two theories as the cornerstone a foundation of understanding, we can begin to build a model of reality based upon 'truth' that works, instead of 'other' notions that may, or may not, work at all. The web site seeks to provide this cornerstone and, some day, many other blocks in this foundation, to as many people as it can, under the presumption that a more widespread understanding of nature is mutually beneficial to all.

For a further explanation of why you should learn physics, see our why learn Physics page.


See books on big wall climbing.
Click on image above (or here) to see books about big wall climbing is the source for what is absolutely the best published instructional material on the subject of big wall climbing, in the world. If you want to understand the techniques by which big walls are climbed, then you will want to see just what offers. There is simply no better nor more up-to-date a source for published big wall climbing technology than

Before embarking on any climbing or slacklining activity, please read our warning.


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Click on image above (or here) to see slackline gallery and a link to, which sells published material on the subject. is the source for the best published instructional material about the new sports of slacklining and highlining (tightrope walking on a flat nylon strap, either low to the ground, or high); especially since there exists, as yet, no other serious (or at least accurate and in-depth) instructional material on the subject anywhere. provides that material, to make this new sport as safe as it can be, because there is a base of knowledge and history and experience from which all can learn how to do extreme things safely.

Before embarking on any climbing or slacklining activity, please read our warning.

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